Types of MRI

What are the different types of MRI Scanners?

3.0 Tesla MRI

On the other hand we denounce with righteous indignation and dislikeOften known as 3T MRI, uses powerful magnets to produce 3-tesla magnetic field.  It is twice as more powerful as fields used in conventional MRI scanners. That’s why the results are clearer as compared with other MRIs.  It also produces better images of soft tissues and organs as compares with other MRI scans. This also gives more comfort to patients as sometimes patients might feel than traditional MRI scans.  3T MRI scans produce clear and vivid images that provide more value in terms of diagnosis and comfort. men who are so beguiled and demoralized by the charms of pleasure of the moment so blinded by desire that they 

1.5 Tesla MRI

This MRI machine has been the standard technology for MRI scanners. A 1.5T machine is faster as compared with lower strength MRIs and generally prescribed for abdomens and chest MRI Scans. It creates more signal than a 1.2T magnet and there are a variety of options for what can be done with that extra signal.  It can easily run shorter scan times, reduce possible motion distortion and create higher quality images.

Wide Bore MRI

This MRI machine is also known as Open Bore. It is a kind of Closed Bore MRI with more space inside the bore area of the machine. This is used to deliver both high magnet strength, high quality imaging and it does Scan quicker than an Open MRI. The Wide Bore MRI has more space insider which means a lot more people are comfortable and willing to take the scan.

Upright MRI

This type of MRI machines are specifically designed for scans of the spine or other joints of the body that are symptomatic in specific weight bearing positions. In this MRI machine patient feels much more comfortable as patient is able to see out at all times.

Open MRI

The open MRI machine was developed to give more comfort to claustrophobic patients and to comfortably scan obese patients. It is opened on the sides or features wider openings, still requiring the patient to lie on a sliding table. The level of comfort for patients suffering from anxiety or claustrophobia is more but it produces less detailed images as compared with closed MRI scan machines. This is because the open MRI machine does not provide as strong of a magnetic field.

Extremity MRI

An extremity MRI machine is used to diagnose problems in legs, arms, hands, and feet such as arthritis, fractures, bone infections, bone tumors, and nerve-related issues. This MRI machine uses a smaller scanner designed specifically for the body's extremities.  This MRI machine eliminates the possibility of claustrophobia as it allows the patient to sit comfortably when a body part is being scanned.  Extremity MRI machine uses radio waves and a magnetic field to generate images to diagnose problems with the muscles, bones, joints, nerves, or blood vessels.

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