Full Body MRI Screening

3.0 tesla MRI Scan for better Imaging

For £ 1,800 (Orpington)

For £ 2,100 (Canary Wharf)


1. Preventive MRI scans for main body parts and organs
2. 3.0 Tesla (3T) MRI Scan for higher resolution images and better diagnosis
3. The procedure takes roughly 75 minutes in the scanner
4. No radiations involved during the MRI scan
5. Quick appointments. Out of office hours appointments available
6. All scans are performed on the same day
7. Next day reports from consultant radiologist
8. Detailed analysis and follow-up telephonic consultation
9. Electronic copy of scan images provided to the patient
10. CQC Regulated Centres at Canary Wharf and Orpington

Scans Included

1. MRI Brain with MRA and DWI
2. MRA Renal arteries -non contrast
3. MRA Carotids (Neck vessels) -non contrast
4. MRI Chest
5. MRI Abdomen including Liver
6. MRI Pelvis
7. DWI through the Prostate for male patients
8. DWI through the whole Pelvis for female patients

a. All above scans are non-contrast scans
b. Other scans can be added for additional fee

What can a Full Body MRI Scan show

For Brain and Neck Vessels
Brain Inflamation, Tumors, Anaerysum Multiple Sclerosis, Stroke, Traumatic Injury, Developmental Issues, Dementia, Infection
For Abdomen and Pelvis
Tumors, Lymph Nodes, Enlarged Spleen or Liver, Kidney Infections and Diseases, Gall Bladders and Bile Duct Diseases, Pancreatic Diseases, Liver Cirrhosis, Masses in the liver, kidneys, adrenals, pancreas or spleen
For Chest
Tumors, Abnormal Lymph Nodes, Blood Vessel Defects
Prostate (Only for Men)
Tumors, Infections (Prostatis), Enlarged Prostate, Congenital Abnormalities
Pelvic (Only for Women)
Abnormal Bleeding, Pelvic Mass, Fibroids, Ovarian Tumors and Cysts

Limitations of the Scans

  1. Neck Tissues disorders, Throat disorders
  2. Lung disorder (This is better assessed with CT scan)
  3. Colon abnormalities (This is better assessed by CT Virtual Colonoscopy or Colonoscopy)
  4. Stomach or Small Bowel (This is better assessed by Endoscopy or dedicated MRI Scan of Small Bowel)
  5. Some of the lesions can be missed as the scan is done without using any contrast agent
  6. This is an overview of Abdomen/Pelvic and not a dedicated scan of any organ. If you have issues related to a specific organ, then please discuss it with a clinician
  7. Renal or Gall Bladder stones can be missed on MRI
  8. Small Gall Bladder polyps can be missed on MRI
  9. The scan does not cover the Heart
  10. The scan does not cover Hips, knees, ankles or shoulder
  11. The scan does not cover Lumbar Spine
  12. The scan does not cover any other areas than the ones mentioned in the inclusion list above
  13. Screening tests have limitations and may show false positive and negative results.