Referred under NHS?

For patients who are referred for a scan under NHS, but are willing to pay for a private scan to have a quicker appointment. We can help you arrange a quicker scan at a diagnostic centre near you. 

How to Book a Scan

I do not have a Referral Letter

If you do not have the referral letter from your GP or any clinician - please fill in the Self Refer form and we will connect you to a third party GP practice or an independent private doctor who can recommend an appropriate scan and prepare the scan instructions. The imaging centre staff will then contact you to provide an appointment. After the appointment the reports are sent to the same doctor and they forward it to you.

I have a Referral Letter

If you have a referral letter from your GP, Consultant, Physiotherapist or Osteopath - simply upload the letter and add their contact details. We will forward it to your nearest or chosen imaging centre and their staff will call you to provide an appointment as per your convenience. The report will be sent to the referring clinician after the scan. Your referring clinician can also send us the referral directly and we will forward to the imaging centre.

We can also arrange the following at our partner imaging centres

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