• Operated By: Lyca Health Canary Wharf
  • CQC Regulated
  • Machine: 3.0 Tesla MRI Scanner - Philips Ingenia
  • For Age: 18+
  • Usual Appointment Waiting: 1 to 2 days
  • Usual Report Time: 1 to 2 days
  • Kindly note the above times are provided by the scan provider and may vary depending on the scan type and other circumstances
Price List

Prices include the scan, a radiologist written report and scan images in a digital format which can be sent to your hospital or doctor if requested. If you are self referring, there will be an additional charge of £30 for a private GP to review your request and prepare a referral accordingly. The cost of the after scan consultation with a private GP is included in the scan price for self-refer patients. For patients who have a referral from their own clinician, the after scan consultation is not included.

Scan Type Price
One Body Part MRI Scan £520
Contrast Study (Additional Cost) £120
Additional Body Part £220
Abdomen (Kidney, Liver, Gall Bladder, Pancreas) - Includes Contrast £740
Abdo - Pelvic Scan (Including Contrast) £860
Ankle £520
Angiography (MR Angipgraphy) £940
Arthrogram - Hip, Knee or Shoulder £995
Brain (Head) £530
Breasts (Both) Not Available
Calf (Lower Leg) £520
Cardiac / Heart - Anatomical Not Available
Cervical Spine (Neck) MRI £520
Chest (Lungs) MRI Not Available
Elbow MRI £520
Foot MRI £520
Gynae / Pelvic MRI £1050
IAMS (Inner Ears) MRI - For both ears £520
Hip MRI £520
Knee MRI £520
Liver MRI £880
Lower Leg (Calf) MRI £520
Lumbar Spine (Lower Back) - MRI £520
Pelvic MRI £520
Pituitary Gland MRI - Includes Contrast £640
Prostate (MP-MRI) - Includes Contrast (Multiparametric MRI Scan Prostate) £1050
Renal MRI £860
Sacroiliac Joints MRI £520
Shoulder MRI £520
Sinuses MRI £520
Small Bowel MRI Study - Includes Contrast or MRI Eneroclusis £995
Temporamandibular Joints (TMJ) MRI - For both joints £740
Testicles MRI £520
Thoracic Spine MRI (Middle Back) £520
Upper Arm MRI £520
Wrist MRI £520

Book Appointment

This form is for all self pay patients. If you have the referral from your clinician then please upload it and we will send it to the chosen imaging centre for appointment. If you are self-referring then we can connect you to a third party private GP or a GP practice that can help you with the referral. Kindly note TOP MRI is unable to provide any medical advice.